The Qinmo Village project is a long term, strategic project that has involved several different donors and multiple stakeholders over the course of the last six years to encourage environmental and economic self-sustainability. In 2006, the Green Hope Foundation selected Qinmo Village, a poor and remote village in Guangdong Province, as the site for a new school with an emphasis on environmental education and good practice. As this village had not damaged its agricultural land with chemical fertilizers or pollutants, there was also an opportunity to help villagers grow organic products that could be sold in the Hong Kong market. The project began with the construction of a new school building and was followed by the conversion of the old school building into a hybrid community center and demonstration eco-farm.

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Qinmo Primary School Date: 2006-2008 Size: 1,200 sqm Total Cost: 150,000 usd Unit Cost: 125 usd/sqm
Qinmo Community Center Date: 2008-2009 Size: 450 sqm Total Cost: 22,500 usd Unit Cost: 50 usd/sqm